Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oota 2.0 in news

BANGALORE Nov 24, 2007

Liaison over lunch
Friday September 21 2007 09:30 IST

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Techies from the City got together over free lunch called Oota 2.0, a concept imported from Silicon Valley.

AS the techie community in Bangalore grows bigger and bigger, new ideas keep emerging to integrate the community further and get them talking. One such concept imported right from Silicon Valley is the Oota 2.0 launched recently by Opson Inc, a global career network site for techies.

The concept was evolved to get techies from different tech companies to come together and share their views at an informal gathering -- over free lunch of course.

‘‘The concept first evolved in Silicon Valley, which has a large base of IT companies. It began there as an informal get-together for techies to eat and chat about the latest in the market,’’ says Rana Singh, CEO Opson Inc. He adds that it started as a prank in Silicon Valley with ‘geeks’ getting into a friend’s company to chow down other people’s food, but soon, the idea caught on and a loose-knit community started looking for free lunch and social interaction.

‘‘The concept in Silicon Valley is called Lunch 2.0 and is so popular that we have 9 chapters in the USA and chapters in Germany and Israel, so the concept has become extremely popular,’’ says Rana.

The first free lunch, sponsored by Opson Inc to celebrate its launch in Bangalore, was hosted recently, where a large group of techies gathered to interact, feast and make contacts. ‘‘It is a winwin situation from all sides,’’ says Rana.

‘‘The host company usually times the lunch in such a manner that they can showcase some new product, they are about to launch. This way, they get instant feedback from the industry. For the employees, it is an easy way to know the latest technology entering the industry, to make contacts, and to look out for job opportunities. Other employers, who gather at such meetings, get to scout for prospective employees, and share ideas.’’

The response so far has been encouraging, according to Rana and he is hoping that the concept will catch on. ‘‘We have taken the initiative by sponsoring the first lunch. Hopefully, other companies will take it forward so that it can become a regular affair,’’ he says.

‘‘Since the advantages are immense and many parent companies are already hosting these lunches in Silicon Valley as part of lunch 2.0, we expect good response for the concept in Bangalore,’’ he says.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pub standards

If you're a Web developer, or have an interest in web and online standards, and you also like booze, then Pub Standards is the place for you. If you don't like booze, but don't mind hanging out in a pub with a fresh lime soda, that's good too.

The plan is to meet at a pub somewhere near Brigade Road, talk about web standards, and current trends on the web, have a few drinks, have a lot of fun and meet new people.

Be there.

Did I mention it is dutch and not on the house.

To register visit this link

Spread the word...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Report on first Oota 2.0

First Oota 2.0 sponsored by had an attendance of 75 people.
We had folks from Yahoo!, Zapak, Akamai, Minglebox, AskLaila, Mapunity, Cisco, IBM, Crimson Logic, Sun, Web Dunia, Vaps technosoft and ISBM attending it.

It was a first event and the turnout was pretty decent. We had launching their site and giving a ten minute presentation about what Opson is all about. Food was good, networking was great, overall a very nice experience.

Zapak gained brownie points for providing all attendees with a Zapak notebook and some attendees were also given Zapak mugs.

Looking forward to some more companies stepping up and conducting Oota 2.0 at their cafeterias.

Folks who attended can leave their experiences as comments on this blogpost.

Suggestions are always welcome, either on the post or sent at oota20 [at] gmail [dot] com

Also kindly upload the snaps you have taken to and tag them with oota20 and lunch20

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wallstreet Journal features Lunch 2.0

An article has been posted in the WallStreet Journal about Lunch 2.0. It also has a small mention about a Bangalore chapter of Lunch 2.0 aka Oota 2.0

Thursday, August 16, 2007

First Oota 2.0 sponsored by OPSON.COM

Come celebrate and experience the latest in social career networking with Opson, Inc.' s Open Social Lunch. It'll be a good place to really get to know other ambitious Bangalore techies and to learn what Opsonites are up to.

Opson is a Silicon Valley based startup and is building a global career network for tech professionals. The members will be able to post their profiles and invite other professionals into their network. The employers will post their jobs which will be matched with these profiles. The employers will be able to hire candidates and consultants from this trusted network. The service will be free for the candidates and the employers to register.

You are invited to the first Oota 2.0 sponsored by Opson, Inc ( ),

When: Friday, September 7th, 11:20AM - 1:20PM
Where: Indie Joes, Carlton Towers, No. 1, Airport Road, Bangalore - 560017. (
RSVP by sending a mail to oota20 [at] with your company name and contact info.

Limit: First 100 RSVPs
Cost: Free!

We’ll have food and fun! See you there!

Indie Joes:

What is OOTA 2.0?

Oota means food in Kannada language. Oota 2.0 is :

  • “A social phenomenon referring to a migration of web 2.0 company employees to other offices around the Bangalore area; characterized by open communication, decentralization of authority, freedom to share food and ideas…”
  • “The lunch as a conversation.”
  • “Taste the buzz”
  • Web 2.0 backlash
  • “We’d love to eat your lunch!”
About Lunch 2.0 in Silicon Valley :

Photo taken by flakyredhead

-San Francisco Chronicle says, it's "like a progressive cocktail party."

-Financial Times says, "in a phenomenon dubbed Lunch 2.0, workers in the Valley are descending on other companies for free food and the chance to satisfy their appetite for making contacts."

-Valleywag says, it's "a periodic gathering where Silicon Valley companies take turns serving up free food."